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Olympic Adventure Co.
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The Olympic Adventure Co. is a guided tour company that is persistent in its quest to bring its clients closer to nature. It is a company dedicated to providing the fullest wilderness experience possible.

Our Mission

It is the purpose of the Olympic Adventure Co. to provide a backpacking service to hikers desiring to venture into the nation's only rainforest. Located in Seattle, WA, the Olympic Adventure Co. supplies guided tours into the Olympic National Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula.

Offering a wide range of hikes and trails, the Olympic Adventure Co., or O.A.C., hopes to give backpackers a complete outdoor experience. The O.A.C. focuses on such things as low-impact hiking, wilderness survival techniques, and most of all, providing an enjoyable experience for every client.

O.A.C. Employees

The Olympic Adventure Co. was founded by, and relies on five spectacular students at Muhlenberg College, PA. These students are the very heart of the company and are dedicated to supplying their clients with a complete and enjoyable experience.

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The people of O.A.C. are all fully trained wilderness experts that work hard every day to provide each client with the most unforgettable nature experience of their life.