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Expressions of the Way: The Poetry of Tao


Poetry/Taoism | Poets/Philosophers | Art & Poetry

Below you will find many helpful links to poetry websites and other sites useful for interpreting and understanding Taoism and Chinese poetry! Chinese Characters and Culture deciphers Chinese information to help students understand, appreciate and remember Chinese characters.  This site is useful for interpreting characters, finding their meaning and translating them into english.  The site contains hundreds of links to poetry and shows vividly the translation process and the numerous interpetations of each character.  It is a very valuable website, one that proves its worth in one visit.

Tao Te Ching

This site was developed and prepared by a professor at the University of Florida.  It offers a full translation of the Tao Te Ching by numerous translators.  It also offers an introduction essay that explores the importance of this text and the influence that it has had on Chinese poetry.  This link is a bit difficult to navigate, but manageable.  It, however, offers more than worthwhile material and the content seems to be full and colorful.

Daoist Studies

"The Daoist Studies website is a collaborative internet resource for the academic study of Daoism. Although primarily intended for academic students of Daoism, the Daoist Studies website recognizes and welcomes the involvement of Daoist practitioners throughout the world." (  This site contains a bibliography database, a database of over 150 Daoist scholars, and a database on syllabi for courses on Daoism. 

Taoist Information Page

This is a site built by a professor at the University of Florida.  It offers an endless amount of scholarly information about Taoism, poets, and Chinese practices that are all helpful in understanding the platform from which Taoism emerged as well as the on the one it now resides.  Very helpful site, check it out!

Taoist Restoration

This is a wonderful site sponsored by the TRS, or Taoist Restoration Society.  It offers communal projects and ideas for the continued preservation and conservation of Taoist related practices, practitioners, and temples.  It is an organization dedicated to helping restoring Taoist temples, creating a global Taoist community, and heightening Taoist understanding/awareness. 


True Tao

Another excellent site on Taoism.  It is full of many Taoist texts and Taoist poets.  It has a number of interesting articles, stories, and links to other Taoist sites.  It is helpful on both an academic and elementary level, offering much aid to understanding Taoism as well as help with important Taoist works/figures.

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