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Women and Buddhism

Here are some links to sites that deal directly with women in Buddhism:


The link below will take you to a site dedicated to women in Buddhism. Buddhanet is a comprehensive collection of links and resources on contemporary Buddhist women: Female teachers, activists, scholars, nuns, and yoginis(practitioners) may be found on these pages, as well as teachings and special events, projects, organizations, bibliographic and contact information.


The following site is dedicated to the exploration of the role of women throughout Buddhism. It is full of links to essays and articles concerning ancient, as well as contemporary, female figures in Buddhism. Titled "Zen, Women, and Buddhism," the site is a comprehensive link that answers many questions about women in Buddhism.

Kuan Yin

The following is a picture of Kuan Yin, one of the most famous females in Buddhism.

Kuan Yin

The following link is for a brief overview of who Kuan Yin was, is, and how she became: