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Welcome to a site dedicated to exploring Buddhism!

This site was developed as a term project by a student at Muhlenberg College. The intentions behind the creation of this site were to offer access to reliable information concerning topics within Buddhism. Relying mostly on links to established, accurate webpages, this site hopes to provide an outlet for those seeking to gain more knowledge about Buddhism.

All of the information provided on this website is accurate and objective. The links that have been integrated into the site are all from sources that are educationally based, or from established organizations that are recognized for putting forth reliable information concerning Buddhism.

Chinese Temple

Of the many countries boasting a large population of Buddhists, China holds a great deal of followers within her borders. Because of the cultural revolution, practicing religion has been frowned upon by the government. It is interesting to see how the people of China responded to this and the way in which they practiced Buddhism, amongst many other religions, while under such strict scrutiny.

The link below connects you directly to a webpage created by professors at Ohio State University. It is a general outline of Buddhism in China. It covers a wide spectrum of interesting aspects of Buddhism within China. Definitely a site worth checking out!

Buddhism in China Click Here for More

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