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Olympic Adventure Co., in association with the The Breast Cancer Fund, are joining together in an effort to increase awareness about breast cancer. There will be a fundraising hike consisting of O.A.C. guides, as well as a number of breast cancer survivors. The hike will be one of great difficulty, but will hopefully generate funding for advocacy, support, education as well as research into better ways to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer.

For more information on the Breast Cancer Fund, click here.


The Olympic Adventure Company looks to make at least one annual hike that raises funds to aid, or support, a charitable organization. Each year O.A.C. chooses one organization to assist and plans a hike which will best suit, and accomodate that organization.

If you are an organization that is interested in a partnership with the O.A.C., please contact us for further information.

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The Hike

The hike is a 92 mile venture that will take the group 12-13 days to complete. Beginning in Squim, WA and ending in Quinalt, the hike summits three mountains and crosses a great deal of varying terrain. This hike is intended to create publicity about breast cancer, which will, in turn, create a greater awareness of the disease.

The rainforest in the morning

This is one of the many beautiful scenes that the hikers will enjoy.

This is not a real hike. This organization has no affiliation with the Breast Cancer Fund and is only serving as a term project for students at Muhlenberg College, PA.